See, I had gotten my hopes up. It know, part of moving out here was two big ideas that couldn't happen in New York: Disneyland, and the ability to own a dog. Well, Disneyland has been conquered, but what of the dog? We were sitting at a cafe a few Sundays ago and the weirdest, coolest Welsh Corgi came up and was just beaming with cuteness. Suddenly it felt so RIGHT. It was time. Corgis are small and can live in apartments. Other people in our building have dogs and cats, so I was sure that with some kind words and coaxing that something could be arranged. We wrote a really courteous and well-worded letter to the landlord. I started poking around the rescue websites and came upon aging Ted and freak of nature Crabtree, and my heart just got all mushy. But the Big Smackdown came yesterday, when my building manager happened to see me and just off-the-cuff gave us the thumbs down. "We're trying to make this [dump] a pet-free building." Even my pathetic sad eyes didn't help. It's too bad, because there are just thousands of dogs out there that need homes, and we've got a lot of love to give. My name is Quiz Kid Donnie Smith and I've got a lot of love to give. There is a private sense of relief that maybe we couldn't have given it the home it deserves, being willy nilly artists who are always romping about. Geez. I mean, if we can't even raise a, we won't go there. Maybe seeing The Distillers with Garbage and No Doubt on Saturday will help. We'll see.


Hi Sweetie!
Stopped by the endless site and saw that you wore the apron on your nov. 10th show! Looked great on you!!!!! I'm definately coming to your next show and want to invite you guys to my boy's next show at the viper room. give me an e-mail and we will talk clothes
Sabrina | 11.21.02 - 6:35 pm

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 4:46:00 PM  

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