I tried to write this post yesterday but I failed. Here it is, in summary:

Sunday's show was amazing. It was the kind that reminded me why I'm in music to begin with. Everything clicked. David played like a god, and I felt myself really connecting to the audience, who were very receptive. It was just a good night. I know there will be more. This came on the heels of a weekend at a music conference, where there was so much disheartening information that it felt overwhelming. Just as in acting, there is so much crap that goes on in the music industry that it really seems impossible at times. For some reason, though, it made us confident and defiant. There isn't one way to write a hit song, as much as they wanted us to believe that, or "Bohemian Rhapsody" would not have just been named Greatest Song Ever.

We're working now on our very first Holiday single which we plan on releasing by the end of the month. Deadlines and goals are very good things to set. Things get done, whether you find them to be brilliant or not. At least a creative idea that's been haunting us can get out of our system, so we can go on to write more. I know we can only improve by continuing to create.

Seems as if we're
circling for very
different reasons
But one day the Eagle
has to land


I just wanted you to know that i read this web and keep up with you. Great success to you, my dear niece! I will miss you greatly at Christmas. This month is agonizing, thinking about Nanna...letting life take it's play with my soul.I am just being submissive to the flow ...
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