I have a friend who I have watched over the last six years blossom into an incredible artist. When I first met her, I was in awe of her flaming red hair and massive joyful energy that surrounded everything she did. I worked with her for four years in a small room, and that feeling never went away. She is a dancer, choreographer, event planner, worker of miracles, and more creative than Martha Stewart at interior design. Best of all, she has found her calling as photographer. In a few short months, she's been transforming herself from a closet artist to one whose work is being displayed and talked about in gallerys around New York. David and I had the honor of being photographed by her this summer, and they're some of the best pictures we've ever taken (will get them up on our site soon). Now, her first online exhibition is taking place, and I highly reccommend taking a look. It's called The Affair, and is, to me, a visual walk through a broken heart. Have a look. Kari O'Donnell is going places.


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