Yesterday was really a strange day. Many of my co-workers were led to the chopping block. After having to re-apply for their own jobs last week, a lot of them were let go. There was no real reason given, except that the Brothers Warner would like the department to be as "creative" as possible, whatever that means. One of the men who was let go is an artist whose work hangs in the Louvre. Doesn't sound like it's very "creative" to fire him, does it? The lesson is none other than there is no discerning the corporate mind.

Wallet missing for good half of morning. Extreme stress followed by decision to just not get upset, as it's just a damn wallet. It's an inconvenience, to be sure, but not worth barking at people about. I only realized this after barking at poor David, who only caught it because he happened to be there. So, I had a nice cup of Chai Latte and waited. Went to movie theatre where I possibly dropped it last night and was let in by a man with a caulk gun in his hand. God bless him, he let me poke around and there it was, sitting all lost and lonely on the ground. This proves once again that caulk will save the world.


Yes, dear, it's me...stumbled upon this stuff at random and was pleasantly surprised to find you. Neal would be proud.....and God knows I am.

Michael D. Blum | 10.09.02 - 11:54 pm | #

caulk, WD-40, pepto, and duct tape will save the world...
tumtum tree | Homepage | 10.11.02 - 9:09 pm

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