I have two words for all of you: Punch-Drunk Love. See it, see it right away, and don't look back. When you do see it, you must tell me what you think. P.T. Anderson is a huge inspiration to me.

I'm working on this directing scene for Art Center of Pasadena. It's from a play called A Taste of Honey, written in Manchester in the 1950's. It already feels awkward because I'm playing a 40 year old whore with a grown daughter who's pregnant. The creepiest moment of this weekend was walking into the room and meeting the girl playing my daughter. She's tall, has long wavy hair and fair skin, and hips similar to mine. She really could be my daughter, if I was older. It gave me chills, and I felt that strange feeling that I can only guess approximates how one feels when looking at your own flesh and blood. We're joined in the scene by another actor, a very flaming, very...simple...boy who started complaining that we are going to have to do a WHOLE SCENE without a script! He whined that "here in Hollywood you only have to know three lines at a time!" He's deeply concerned. He was horrified when he found out that I chose to do this scene VOLUNTARILY. I am SO out of my element here, but it sure does make for some laughs.


I saw Punch-Drunk Love. It was so good that I went home, got drunk, and punched my love.
Tenable D | 10.14.02 - 5:09 pm | #

It's funny how in the business we deal with difficult people in different ways. Like the guy you described... You for instance would giggle later at his idiocy, while I would smash a television on his head and ask that he be recast because he has a TV head.

Wow, there's nothing worse than self-aware ignorance, aggressive sloth, and purposeful intolerability.

Except GWB.
D | Homepage | 10.15.02 - 5:51 am | #

What is GWB?
Anonymous | 10.15.02 - 12:51 pm | #

george washington bridge?
a | Homepage | 10.15.02 - 2:21 pm | #

We'd rather forget, but he's our president.
D | Homepage | 10.16.02 - 5:17 am | #
ohhhhhh. oh yeah. that guy.
a | Homepage | 10.16.02 - 9:22 pm

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