I hate missing work to actually be sick. It's just the principle of the thing. It would be so much more fun to take sick days to PREVENT getting sick. I think this is why people go to work sick, and we all get mad at them. But we're all hypocrites, because then we come to work sick too. And so, the cosmic ballet goes on. The double sucky thing is that in Temp Life, there ARE no sick days, just days where you didn't work. Temping has its merits, though: many of us survived the recent round of layoffs simply because I don't think anyone important knows we really work there. A co-worker keeps saying that temps are the "cockroaches of the world," and will be around long after everyone else has disappeared. I'm starting to see that he's right.

My throat is massively swollen, and I also had to cancel an audition today. One couldn't possibly sing with this gremlin on one's tonsils. For some stupid reason here, Los Angeles doesn't seem to believe in urgent care centers where you can just go and get a strep culture or somesuch minor thingy. So, I'm off to see a gynocologist who says he can give me a strep test ("Seriously baby, I can prescribe anything I want!"). *shrug* Whatever it takes.


"Seriously baby I can prescribe anything you want"

Adriana, your mother and I have told you dozens of times that when looking for a feminine needs physician it is not wise to cruise dark, seedy bars. Many men will claim amateur gynecological credentials; many actually have them. You must beware the indeed the prescription he writes may be for a popular non-antibiotic drug known as the "roofie" and your sore throat may be forgotten in a host of further problems. How many times does this have to happen, again and again, before you remember?
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