Because it is that special time of year when everything seems extra evil, October is officially Scary Movie Month in my home. What this means, for me, is that I have had to watch movies that I've done a good job avoiding. In the last few weeks, I've seen:
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Exorcist
The Innocents
Don't Look Now
Carnival of Souls
Dario Argento's Phantom of the Opera
Robert Englund Phantom of the Opera
Hammer Horror's Phantom of the Opera
Claude Reins Phantom of the Opera
Argento's Opera
The Ring

and...oh god, I'm sure I'm forgetting some. You can't imagine what all of this input has done to my dreamlife. I'm swimming every night in all kinds of epic tales of blood and destruction. I actually think it's good for me. It seems to be opening a portal that I like generally to keep closed. I have to admit though, I must be one jaded human, because not much of these really scared me. Not the deep down kind of scared where a light has to be kept on all night, and the imagination just goes wild with terror when the sun sets (or worse, when the sun is still up). I have a few movies that have done this for me, perhaps because they hit me at the right time, or they exposed just the right demon, I don't know. They are Poltergeist (I was very young), Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me, and The Blair Witch Project.

I would love to hear some recommendations for movies to scare me. I DARE you to scare me. You WISH you could scare me.


Did you ever see "Something Wicked This Way Comes?" We were discussing it today at lunch, and I guess the book is worth reading too.
When I was teaching Lang/Lit, I showed this movie at the end of October....Boy, what great discussions we had about the nature of evil...
Mom | 10.23.02 - 7:49 pm | #

There is a special kind of scary that comes out of The Blair Witch Project... We used to call it "Mikey-in-the-corner Scary." No other movie has ever made me that scared, so I can't recommend something that will necessarily scare you, but if you haven't seen Rosemary's Baby, it's worth seeing...
tumtum tree | Homepage | 10.23.02 - 9:39 pm | #

the worst thing about "Mikey in the Corner Scary" is that it is left to our imaginations. our terrible, sick, morbid imaginations. the hint of what is to come is horrifying.

I have seen Rosemary's Baby. It made me extremely suspicious of neighbors. Definitely a good one.
a | Homepage | 10.23.02 - 10:03 pm | #

yeah, i never saw this, and i need to. it seemed too scary when i was little. WAIT A MINUTE, i think YOU wouldn't let me watch it! WAAAAAH! oh how the worm has turned. *wink*
a | Homepage | 10.24.02 - 10:07 am | #

Okay.....I don't normally recommend this film, but you asked for it.

Find a Japanese dvd import called "Odishen" ("Audition" in English).

Then....prepare to be disturbed.
William F. House | Homepage | 10.30.02 - 7:28 am | #

ooh, i've heard about this movie. i want to see this. thank you!
a | Homepage | 10.31.02 - 2:26 pm

...I will finally watch it this Halloween, Mom. Sorry it has taken so long to take your suggestion.

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