Another truly great morning of acting for the Art Center of Pasadena. I was worried when I knew I'd be acting in front of that same teacher who told me I looked like a bird flapping her wings last time, and those worries paid off, baby. We did the scene, it was alright. It was no Oscar winner but it certainly didn't suck. That is, we didn't think so, until Mrs. Grouchy Pants gave us her two cents. After ramming the director for ten minutes at how poorly directed the scene was, it was my turn.

"Adriana, what's wrong with your hands?"


"They're all over the place. You look like you have palsy. Do you have palsy?"

"Uh, no."

"Does the character have palsy? Because that's what it looks like."

"Um, no."

"Your hands were the lead character in this scene. It was driving me crazy. You don't belong on film."

GOSH, THANKS FOR THE TIP! I'd better go change professions RIGHT AWAY! *sigh* Several directors in the class came up to me after the class and reminded me that she's insane and that I did just fine. If I'm very lucky, I get to GO BACK in a few weeks and do it AGAIN on camera. I can't wait, really. Bring on the love. Let the healing begin!

When I got to work, I dropped a plate of homemade cookies all over the floor. Palsy? YOU decide.


this entry is fucking funny
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