Vegas was fun and too fast, probably exactly how she oughtta be. Constant hijinks and roulette madness ensued. Roulette is a sinister game and I ought not to have let cousin Gabi show me its wicked ways. Made much money, then lost it, for must have forgotten golden Kenny Rogers rule to knowing when to fold 'em. Gamblor was appeased with many shiny offerings. I also learned I can't turn two single women loose in a casino by themselves for two hours, as they will come back with Drinks By The Yard and very silly grins on their faces, with strange men following them. Watched Bramble try madly to appear sober by staring very intently at the number 9, which somehow seemed to work, as every time I looked over her piles of chips got bigger. Chuck is certain he was a bank robber in a past life, as he has horrible luck and seems to always leave Vegas in the hole. David made up for my losings by very calmly winning nonstop at roulette until we ended up leaving 6 dollars richer then when we came. Huzzah for community property!


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