This weekend felt good because we kicked a stubborn song into a bit better shape. The best part was seeing David pull out his cello and add a gorgeous string part to the piece. There is nothing more sensuously wonderful than watching someone play cello, with its warm tones and feminine shape. We also sent out notices for seeking musicians to join The Endless for our onstage shows. I'm nervous now, hoping for the right people to find us. It's sort of a scary feeling, putting your creative self on the line and hoping that there are fellow travellers who would want to come along. As much as it would be nice for people to contact us speedily, I know that finding the right pilgrims won't be an easy or fast process. We've been in our own coccoon of creation and are finally ready to share a bit of ourselves with like-minded people.

Creation is very personal, isn't it? Part of me, after we've written a song, wants to hold it close to my chest like a hand of cards. Being an actor, in my artistic life I have been used to performing other people's work. With music, it's just me and David. There's no writer or director to hide behind. These are my words, my voice. This is my creation and my responsibility. I've had to toughen myself up over the last year and begin to understand that I can't write music for other people and their opinions. I can only write my heart.


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