a series of haiku to my new cubicle:

cubicle is mine
now i don't have to listen
to inane drivel

even though you're square
you protect me from the fools
who invade my space

give me a fountain
and some headphones for music
i will get work done

sweet sweet cubicle
ergonomically correct
back and neck are glad


I have PS2
It is better than Game Cube
I watch DVDs.

My job has no box
No Game Cube or cubicle
To soothe my sadness

Silly haiku girl
Japanese poems are weak
Limericks are best

A girl who lived in California
She had a temper, I warn ya
I hear for a dare
She whips men with her hair
And it isn't even in porn. Ya.
AlAnon Amos | Homepage | 09.20.02 - 4:14 pm | #

Gravatar so much allusion
to Gadgets and Games - sundries
for nerding it up
tumtum tree | Homepage | 09.23.02 - 9:13 pm

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