Rock. Had a quick audition today for a Hewlett-Packard commercial. This is the first time I've been called in for a Mom roll! This mature looking man and I were supposed to "act proud" of our son, whose science project clearly was better than the other kids' because he used an HP digital camera. Wait a I look like a mom? I thought about it and realized that if I could conceivably (sorry) have a child as old as 14. This is somewhat disturbing. Oh well, alls I know is, MY KID WON THE SCIENCE FAIR, what did your imaginary kid do today?

Well, tomorrow's my bday and I am off in a few hours to do it up proper in Vegas. I've got friends coming from all over to join me, so it ought to be quite hilarious. They say my cousin Gabriella is a whiz at the roulette table, and this I gotta see. Luck had better be a lady tonight, that's all I'm saying.


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