OK kids, get out your datebooks, gas up your cars, and get those Halloween costumes ready for an egging: The Endless will be playing their second annual Halloween gig at the Crooked Bar in Hollywood. That's right, on October 31st at 9 PM, you too can thrill to the sights and sounds of The Endless. We've been in hiding for many months getting ourselves together and writing some new material, which we intend to inflict upon you. You know you want it, which is why you should be there. If you need further info, go to The Endless site.

I had to change my commenting software, as it was just taking forever to load the page. This means that all your sassy posts are off in cyberland somewhere. This further means that you need to leave NEW sassy comments.


[insert sassy comment here]

Damn....wish I could hear you guys on Halloween! I'll be taking my little monster around to get her candy on though!

Knock 'em dead!
William F. House | Homepage | 09.24.02 - 9:53 pm

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 4:23:00 PM  

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