I shot the first part of the Suzanne Somers infomercial today. I use the term "shot" loosely, as it consisted of me coming into the studio, sitting backwards on a chair and having a cameraman take an embarassingly intimate picture of my nasty heel. On the computer screen behind us, the staff OOHed and AAHed at how "fabulously detailed" the shot was. We progressed to my less-embarassing freckled arm, which the ladies remarked was wonderfully Irish. This is funny because as I think I've pointed out, I've only recently discovered that I've got the Blarney in my blood. Anyway, I was then loaded up with Suzanne Somers Product, which I'm expected to use over the next month to make my feet as soft as butter and my arms even whiter than usual. I'm skeptical about vanishing cream: I mean, it's skin bleach! *shudder*

It's been surprising to discover that these infomercial "testimonials" actually have to be by people who really used the product. I always figured they just grabbed people off the street and told them to say something nice. Still, I never actually SAW Herself the Somers. She may not even exist. I say, if you want me to preach, then you'd better roll her out! I am a doubting Thomas: I need to know what entity I'm praising. Second thought: forget it.


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