Well, you know, what can I say. Sometimes things happen that you just don't expect, even when you've worked really hard for it to happen. Last month I did a workshop with some talent agents. I read a scene with another girl about being an alcoholic. I remember that the room was filled with these gorgeous perfect Hollywood girls, all frilly and keen in their tight jeans. I laughed at myself for trying to "look good" instead of trying to look like Me. I laughed at myself for trying to make myself noticeable in a room where everyone is young, white, female, and gorgeous. I went home tired of the Game. Somewhere inside I have never given up Hope of success in acting, but I've always known that whatever I get was going to have to be hard won.

What I haven't figured in is that I can't assume I know how people are perceiving me. What made me feel completely awkward and out of place apparently made someone take notice. I got a call from an agent on Thursday to come in for a meeting on Friday. When I went in, the agent told me that I had impressed her with my scene. She said she wants to represent me. She said a lot more lovely things that are for me to know and you to...imagine. At any rate, I think I have an agent. Further, I think I have an agent who actually cares and gets what I'm about. I want to knock furniture over, that's how thankful I am.


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