This morning I performed the scene at Art Center and then watched as our director was systematically torn apart by the curmudgeonly old woman who is their professor. Apparently she's Old Hollywood and feels she has a right to treat people like shit. It was actually pretty funny. It seems everyone is used to it and they all take it in stride. She told me I performed the whole scene flapping my arms like a bird (??!?!), and was wondering what that was supposed to "mean." She kept pressing it. All I could get out was an incredulous "uhhhh..." She also told the director in front of everyone that my outfit sucked. I must be a sicko because I had fun anyway. That's how I know I'm still supposed to be acting: even the insults taste like candy. It's better than nothing at all. I realized today too, as she was saying these things, that I've grown as a person. Perhaps when I was younger I would have taken this stuff personally, but I think I understand people better now. I can see better now why people lash out, and the self-hatred underneath. I know not to take it to heart.

"I know not to take it to heart," she said, as thunderclouds clapped over her head ominously, and the faint sound of Zeus' laughter trickled down from the skies...


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