Good god, I'm tired. Got back late Tuesday from New Mexico but was just physically unable to write or even think until now. The drive from New Mexico to California can be positively backbreaking. I have no idea how people do it on a consistant basis.

The reunion. Ahh hahahaha. What a hilarious farce. Of the over 400 people in my class, I think maybe 50 people came. It was so supremely lame, I can't even count the ways. BUT, still, I had a grand old time. Some people looked strange, others exactly the same. Most of the faces I longed to see just weren't there. Ended up hanging out with people I didn't know well in high school, and spending time with my best friend Gabe. What more could I ask for? OH WAIT, I remember: food poisoning. THAT'S RIGHT. Delicious food poisoning. That made for a great couple of days.

And now here I am, back, and about to walk in to a very embarassing audition for a weight loss infomercial. Will the humiliations never cease?


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