For some reason, there is a storm of emotion and acceleration raging around me right now. Good things and sad things seem to be rushing through some door that's been swung open. Interestingly, one of the things this has brought is actual actorly opportunities. In the past few days I've actually been to a series of auditions and callbacks, for the first time in a long time (due to actual hustling agent, YAY). Yesterday alone I had three different auditiony type things to do, one being a callback for an ESPN/Tostitos commercial in which, strangely, I was a jock girl. It's enough to make a girl wonder how long she can keep a day job. It's great that I got this infomercial for the weight loss thingy but also hilariously humiliating. In two month's time I'm expected to magically "melt the fat!" with this "audio coach" system of "easy exercises" and "sensible eating." What it amounts to, my friend, is weight loss for Idiots. In the booklet we received, we were encouraged to do such mind boggling things as "limit how much you eat" and "try to exercise more." I sat in a room last night of about 40 soft-bodied people and got the most overwhelming headache as I absorbed a little too much of the collected self-hatred. This can be the saddest town.


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