YAY, so a few things: if you go over to the Fun page, you will see just a few pics from my WTC experience. Perhaps I'll add more in the days to follow. There are also a few cool tidbits of news at The Endless site, if you're interested.

I finally got cast in a little film project. I'm not even fully sure what it is, but that it's for Art Center in Pasadena. I'll be doing a scene from the Edward Albee play Everything in the Garden. This is a small piece of encouragement. This proves the age old axiom that if an actor leaves town, they will be called in for auditions. In my case I missed two calls but was able to salvage this audition. This also proves the other axiom that if you have no emotional investment in a project, you will get the role. I had actually forgotten I went to this audition. Lessons learned: leave town and stop caring.


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