Thank you for the kind words, everyone. I am doing fine, am only slightly wiggy. I'm heading to New Jersey in the morning (Saturday), on US Airways, a company I just learned is getting ready to die. I really hope they don't die before I get home (Wednesday). Am trying to just take one carry on and have been sifting through my stuff trying to determine if antibacterial hand soap could be considered a weapon. Any tips for airports, y'all?

A few weeks ago, I was discussing with a female friend how much we're enjoying reading these online journals, but how the ones we like are all written by women. Well, I'm glad to report I've found two men whose blogs I really enjoy and recommend: William and Don. William is a powerful, poetic writer and just a truly good soul. Don is an old friend/actor who has just started his blog, to hilarious results (click on the links).


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