rozewalker: i dreamed last night i had a tumor
rozewalker: in my colon and i was dying
ByTheTumtumTree: oh no!
ByTheTumtumTree: how awful
rozewalker: but the thing was that they were trying to kill me. like that was the procedure for it.
rozewalker: so they gave me this poison mixture
ByTheTumtumTree: oh NO!
rozewalker: and then i realized that my doctor that diagnosed my tumor was Fozzie Bear
rozewalker: and maybe he was wrong!
rozewalker: maybe i don't HAVE a tumor.
ByTheTumtumTree: Fozzie Bear
ByTheTumtumTree: Fozzie Bear diagnosed you with a tumor in your colon
ByTheTumtumTree: and you DIDN'T GET A SECOND OPINION???
rozewalker: i know, i'm a fool.


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