If there was ever any question as to the breadth of my nerdliness, it ought to be put to death by this entry. In a move that even surprises myself, it looks like this weekend I will be attending Comic-Con in San Diego. Yeah that's right, what's it to ya? Ok, it's not out of a pure desire to go. I don't even know what goes on there, not really. My work offered to give me a corporate pass, so I said yes. I SAID YES, OK? I mean, what a unique Opportunity. I believe in Opportunity and that you really ought to give her tea if she comes a-callin'. Which is why, also, in two weeks, I will be attending my high school 10 year reunion. So very many chances for story development. I feel that I'm on a constant search for Inspiration, be it in a glass convention hall or sterile Hilton dance floor. The world feels pulsing with promise right now. I really have turned a corner.


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