If one must be exhausted on a Monday morning, the best reason to be exhausted is from having an all-day extravaganza of fun at Disneyland the day before. Chuck, third member of The Endless, is in town and of course, Disneyland is mandatory. For some uncanny reason, we had magical powers yesterday and were able to get on all the rides with great speed. The hoardes of people didn't seem to be a hindrance. We walked past hundreds to get on lines, we were magic. When you're in the flow at Disneyland, all good things reveal themselves to you. This was one of those visits.

Saturday was equally adventurous. David has been having a...problem. A sopapilla problem. See, if you're not from New Mexico, I don't think you'll understand. Sopapillas are this staple of New Mexican food. It's the one truly great thing to come from that state. It is a puffy, doughy...thing...that is served with your meal. You can eat it all sorts of ways: stuffed with food, plain, or with sweet sweet honey poured inside. You just have to experience it. Anyway, you really can't find these things outside of New Mexico. In New York and Los Angeles we have been told that the altitude makes for crappy sopapilla-making. But still, the craving goes on, and it reached a head on Saturday. We had heard rumor that there was a New Mexican restaurant in Torrance called Anita's (which ended up being owned by the people who own Little Anita's in NM), so we went on a journey. We get to Torrance to find Anita Donut (wa waaa), but no Anita's. After much sleuthing with some kindly navigators at the Cingular Wireless, we discovered our destination was in Fullerton, which is Orange County. Such was our craving that we pressed on, though none had eaten in hours and David was actually closing his eyes whilst driving. In a sugar-crashed haze, we finally made it to this hole in the wall restaurant, to find that our quest indeed had not been in vain. We found the Holy of Holies, strangely sea-level thick, but crave-bustingly delicious.

...and then we watched Star Wars again. *blush*

I can't believe I just blogged about sopapillas.


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