I think now would be a really good time to mention some online journals that I've been reading lately that you might enjoy. The people in these journals all seem to be at major crossroads in their lives, and it is amazing to watch their stories unfold day by day:

First, there is Rougey, a young artist who has just graduated high school. She seems to be a carbon copy of me at her age, except much more verbose and cool in a Ghost World kind of way. The pain and joy of breaking free from high school and Albuquerque is one that is attempted every year, and here is one who will survive it. It's like watching a butterfly burst from a coccoon.

Then there is Bramble, a friend I've probably known for way too many lifetimes. She is in the midst of falling in Love. And I mean L O V E. She has been presented with this great challenge of being her truest, most perfect self and she is meeting it grandly. Another flower in bloom.

For comic relief, there are the exploits of Poundy, a woman who has been on a weight loss mission for a while now and who simply has the most amazing sarcastic humor I have ever read. I love this woman. I recommend reading every part of this site.

Next I list Maure, just a DAMN SMART individual with a wit that'll slap you. She's a teacher of young'ns whose semester has just ended. She's so flippin' well read and inspires me to try harder to cram things into my brain, because it's clearly worth it.

Lastly, I cannot sing highly enough the praises of Pamela, who is fighting for her very survival right now in the midst of the breakup of her marriage. The woman is one of the most engrossing, eloquent writers I've ever had the good fortune to read. It is with sadness and elation that I check this journal each day, watching her grow and change and embrace her hurricane.

These journals seem to be a great and tiny window into other people's realities and it's yet another reason why the Internet is so fascinating.


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