I hope those of you who could experience it watched the solar eclipse yesterday. The world for those few moments was plunged in an eerie gray twilight that was stunning. When we were heading up the stairs to the roof to view it, we saw that the door to the roof was cracked and was projecting the eclipse onto the wall of the stairwell. It was so beautiful to watch the sun become moon-shaped for those moments. We took some pictures and if they came out at all, I will post them.

Bramble will like this: Last night I had an audition/workshop with the associate casting director of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Next week I get to audition for the senior casting director. She had me read a scene from "The Skulls 2" which was fabulously horrid and bitchy. I'm wondering why it is that I am given these bitchy parts, because if any of you know me, you know how silly that is. Is it my eyebrows? I felt so dorky but I guess I pulled it off.

I got home to find David had put all the furniture back against the purple walls, and you know what? It looks GORGEOUS. Pictures for this also to follow. I just need to get myself accustomed to living in a home saturated with color. So, I'm feeling brave and this weekend we will begin wave two of the attack: RED WALLS in the music creation area. Am hoping that color from base chakra can pull out all sorts of tribally delicious truths in me.


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