What kind of town is this?
The sun can hardly pierce the haze
Not a haze made out of rain and fog
But steaming, thick and hot
Like the mist in a slaughterhouse.

-Corday, Marat/Sade

I find myself asking the same question. I came over the hill today and looked into the valley and saw the familiar strip of brown and knew that even if I held my breath a long, long time, I couldn't hold it forever. The show opened on Saturday to a small crowd. I feel that I am doing all that I can, and so I do feel thankful and fulfilled. But...there are so many but's. It's really just too bad. I feel the desperation of actors offering their heads to the chopping block, not even understanding why they are doing what they do. There is no search for meaning, no desire to probe further. They stay on lovely shimmering surfaces, reflecting whatever you'd like to see in their chiseled faces. So, if that's how it is, then project your dreams into them. Force art to give you more.

Yesterday, to escape, David and I headed to the California Science Center. It ended up being a lot of fun, although I think I learned more than I ever wanted to learn about the development of a human fetus. There weren't museums like this when I was a child. There was an exhibit called The World of Life where kids got to see how feces were made and how to empregnate an egg in the fallopian tube. Over in the Creative World you get to find out just exactly how you will be crushed when your building collapses in the Great Earthquake. It was all horrifyingly wonderful. Over on the Imax screen, we watched SpaceStation 3D, which contained a humbling view of earth from space. The astronauts living on the Space Station had already come to view Earth as a home planet, a place that they were separate from. Humans are only just beginning to leave our mother's apronstrings to see the great expanse beyond us. The more I try and understand creation, the more I am forced to my knees by its complexity.


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