There is a recurring visitation I have been having with a spider spirit in our bedroom. It started when we moved in last year. I opened my eyes one night to find a spider with legspan the size of a dinner plate making its way from the ceiling at a 45 degree angle towards me. I screamed, and the spider melted into the wall behind me. Then I was confused. David woke up and seemed to think I was dreaming, so I eventually went back to sleep. About a month later, it happened again, and then soon after I saw it again. Once, as it glided towards me, I saw that it was fully armored in silver. We finally moved our bed and the visions stopped.

Until last night. I woke up very suddenly, opened my eyes, and saw it above my head. This time its legs were thick like fingers, and it had Geonosian-style wasp wings on its back. I felt pinned to the bed as it lowered itself closer and closer. I started hyperventilating and moaning I guess, because David woke up and told me I was alright. I watched as the vision evaporated before me. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would break through my chest. What the hell is this? Does anyone have any ideas? I am fully awake when it happens, and can see everything else in the room. Why is it a spider? What does this mean?

Well, Marat ended in one merciful guillotine chop on Tuesday night. Lessons learned:
1. Don't do Non-Equity ever ever ever ever...ever.
2. Hollywood fools were in the play and still don't know what it was about.
3. Hollywood fools are still good people, even if they don't know what the play was about.
4. I'm free I'm free I'm free!
5. I bloody love acting.
6. I bloody hate working in a situation where Ineptitude is King.
7. I have Director in my blood now and it won't go away.
8. Making my own music has made me a better actor.
9. What an horrifyingly embarassing mess that was.
10. Work begets work? *crossing fingers*


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