Last night, something totally strange happened in our play. I got there, and there was someone else wearing Marat's costume. "Huh?...Oh well." I shrugged. I've become used to surprises in this play. Apparently, in true Hollywood fashion, our Regular Marat decided to go film a movie, which OF COURSE is far more important. So, he just left. And this Other Marat just popped out of nowhere and did the show (we didn't have any established understudies). He inexplicably delivered his lines like was Vincent Price in The Pit and the Pendulum, and he was still miles and miles better than our little movie star. The show got on excellently, and we learn the lesson once again that a lead had better not leave the show and let the understudy go on unless they are DAMN sure they aren't inadvertently making a fool out of themself. One must never put one's self in a position where people enjoy your absence.

Had a lovely and unexpected one day visit from an old friend yesterday. I find it interesting that a broken heart spurs one to go on fantastically meaningless roadtrips. I wonder what would cause me to do the same. Perhaps a reliable transmission?

So...what did you think of Star Wars?


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