I'm having work retribution for being out for rehearsal so long over the last few weeks. Far too much stuff to do for one little hobbit. Egads. Anyway I guess it doesn't really matter because I'm going to see Star Wars tonight, and that is exciting. I've somehow managed to avoid much of the spoilers, opinions, and general geekfactoiding that I have done in the past and am looking forward to a pretty unbiased viewing. David and I are of the opinion that the best way to have fun with a movie like this is to watch with the heart of a child. And truly there can only be wonder and excitement from that angle. These stories, these stories used to be like church for us. Now I worship in a larger and more intricate cathedral, but I still find their faces frescoed into the landscape. Leia and Luke point heavenward beside Frodo, Delerium, Atreyu, Labyrinth's Sarah, and countless other warriors (who are probably annoyed that I didn't name them).

Which saints of stories line your spiritual walls? I'm interested to hear.


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