You know, there is a reason that Hollywood has gained its cliches and stereotypes. It's because they're REAL. I learned this in New York, too. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Today I'm going to tell you about the stereotypical Hollywood Casting Director who ended up being real. I have been asked to come to this person's office for a rehearsal. I approach a non-descript building in Hollywood, and I walk up a flight of stairs. I walk down a hallway with dingy pink walls and questionable doors that lead to offices that surely serve as fronts for all kinds of shady dealings. I enter a door into a room that contains no furniture save one desk, two chairs, and what looks like thousands of headshots in Post Office tubs stacked up and spilling everywhere. Most telling is a pile on the desk of unused stamps torn from headshot envelopes. I remember that I am a number, just one face in an unending pile of paper and despair. The boy playing the lead in our play is already there, and something feels too comfortable between them. Perhaps this is the reason we're here. Perhaps as a present, a showcase for a needy lover, to prove his affection. I could be wrong. They don't look at each other, except when being directed. In fact, the lead boy doesn't seem to look at anyone. There is one phone, and it rings a lot. He always picks up. Hangups. A stalker? Or maybe a spurned actor planning revenge. The man sits behind his desk, king of his small world, and smirks out from his two-day stubble. He tells stories but has no time for nonsense. He doesn't know the actor's real names, only their character names. He spouts facts that are completely untrue and no one questions him. He tells us that mental patients were receiving shock treatment in 1808, and that Charlotte Corday never killed anyone. Things are amiss but he speaks like a train that no one can board. I learn quickly to smile and nod.

"Don't do theatre in Hollywood," that's what people told me, again and again, "It's a farce, and not the funny kind." I can't stop myself.


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Apr 22 2002, 11:23 pm

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