So, for the last month I have been living with needles in my throat. It started out with what felt like strep throat, but that went away, and I've been left with this pain that comes and goes, but mostly it comes. I'm not sure what's going on. I've been doing vocal exercises to build the strength back up but it doesn't seem to want to heal. I wonder if my body is asking for a talking hiatus. It certainly seemed to be asking for something yesterday during my audition for The Laramie Project, where it seemed to leave me entirely while I was giving my monologue. This Colony Theatre had a really great feeling to it, and I hope that one day I get to perform there. The audition was on their stage, and it felt so wonderfully good to be walking the boards again, however briefly. And now, today, because I am on a bit of a roll, I have an audition for Corday in Marat/Sade, a role I played many years ago in college and have always wanted to have another shot at. Something in me refuses to give up hope, again and again, in the face of what seems an overwhelming mountain of obstacle. Maybe I'm more of a stubborn person than I ever suspected. Now, if only I can drag my voice along with me today...


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