Oh. My. Lord. When will I ever ever learn not to go to an open call? Today I went to a seemingly innocent audition for replacements for Les Miserables. Well. It turned out that it was a huge publicity stunt. Not only was it an open call, which means that union and non-union people can audition, it was also advertised in the Los Angeles Times and on television and radio! A friend just told me that she heard it on the news a few nights ago, and the hook was, "Ever dreamed of being in a Broadway show? Well, here's your chance!" The results of this publicizing meant that there were more people that showed up than to any audition for the show, EVER. I think the official list stopped counting at 500, and there were hundreds more swarming in while I was leaving. There were actual news crews there.

Now, don't have illusions for one second that you're actually going to get CAST from a call like this. This show is cast by agent submissions and knowing the casting director through years of auditions. Seriously. I only went to get my face in front of the casting directors again. I just feel like it's my actorly duty to do these things, so that I remember that I am indeed still trying. But today, today is a day that really REALLY tries one's patience. When a news crew shows up for an audition, that's when you know to call it a day.

Now, luckily, the audition I WANTED to go to, which is for The Laramie Project, still had some slots, so at 4:30 I go and do a SANE audition. Or so I think...


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