The Endless have gotten their first review for Grumpy Ghost from someone other than friends and neighbors. Actually this girl lives in another country entirely! We couldn't even bribe her if we wanted to, not at least without a currency exchange. It's not exactly...wordy...or even that coherent for that matter, but it's a start. Let's see if you can Spot That Soundbite!
Want to read it?
Feeling curious?
Am I such a tease?
OK OK, you can read it.
Click here.

I'm realizing (how to say it delicately?) that I am clearly doing this play for...different reasons...than I thought. I am open to the lesson.


You're blossoming, growing, searching
I am very comfortable with this poem because I understand what you are feeling...but wasn't the ocean wonderful!

Congratulations to you and David on the absolutely wonderful review! I see the beginning of many such accolades. Do you feel the pressure now to get more music out there? I am one proud Mom...

Apr 22 2002, 09:47 pm
Mom, from the archives | 04.11.05 - 10:36 am

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