So many lovely things. Had what seemed like a highly successful party last night for the Oscars. Many friends came, in good spirits and with fun foods in hand. The contest was to bring a food themed on one of the nominated films. Entries included I Am Spam, a Royal Tenenbaums Epitaph Cake, Pimento (which was an empty bowl with a polaroid Memento-style of a woman holding a jar of pimentos), Moulin Ragu, Artificial Ingredients (cheetos), Lord of the Rings Orc Dip (spinach dip that seriously looked like ground up Orc), and Satine's Tuberculoid Surpise (a beautiful strawberry cheesecake gone awry with spattered blood). The winning dish due to popular vote was the Gollum Gonads and Shrek Shit, which was deviled eggs and cabbage dyed a nasty green.

The ceremonies were actually many grades less schlocky than usual. Most everyone wore lovely and sober creations in black or flesh colors and there were no repeat NO cheesy dance numbers. The speeches were actually good because they were written by real, respected writers and there was this interesting plea to not be ashamed of movies during difficult times. I found it funny that they felt the need to justify the entire movie industry's existence, as if they are somehow entirely to blame for the events of the last 100 years. That's the self-importance of Hollywood. It takes all the credit and then gets mad for getting all the blame.

Although Lord of the Rings was shafted for Best Picture and Director and whatnot, it still came away with 4 awards and that's not so bad. The coolest thing is that Peter Jackson, Ian McKellen, and the whole Lord of the Rings crew ended up going to TheOneRing.Net's fan party just a few blocks away from here. That they dismissed the fancy parties to hang out with the fans is just so wonderfully humble and truly shows they have their hearts in the right places.

I had the most encouraging, amazing dream this morning that I wished I would never wake up, and it was so simple. Somehow I had met Rob Reiner at some event (it seemed like it was because of my music), and he had cast me in a role in his upcoming movie. It was an ensemble piece and I think I was playing someone like Sally Field's quirky daughter. It didn't really matter. What mattered was that I had gotten a role. A small role in a real movie. And it felt so good. I am giving myself Hope in my sleep.


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