Many thanks to those of you who pointed out that the email address on the Contact page has not been working. D'oh! All is now righted, so your snarky comments can now be directed RIGHT TO ME, no waiting in lines!! If I could only figure out how to add Commenting to my blog, this wouldn't be an issue. Sigh.

GAK! So, I've been sickly. Throaty pain, accompanied by annoying inability to sleep due to itchy throat coughing every five seconds. Yum. I sound like an old Hollywood smoker right now, which is kind of fun. Got a great recipe to heal said throatiness from Neil Gaiman's blog, bless him.

For anyone who loves All Things Craptacular and are in need of a good laugh, you must go here, and seriously listen to all of the tracks. It's amazing.

I am hearing the most ridiculous conversation right now between my office mates about Paula Yates, the woman who drowned her children, and her conviction:
"I don't understand: if you are mentally ill, why aren't you in a hospital? If you are in public, then it's your responsibility for your actions."
"She was warned, she knew that she was ill."
"If you're insane, you shouldn't have children."
"If I'm insane, I'd rather have a bullet put in my head than have life in prison."
"Mental illness is a good point, but everyone is insane when they kill someone."
"In my opinion, in order to kill somebody, you have to be insane in that moment. Maybe that five minutes, when they're doing it. Then you could go back to your sanity."
"They should hang her."

This is your America, ladies and gentlemen.


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