you know, when there are wild and wonderful things happening on the internet, you had better enjoy them while you can, because before you know it, they will slip through your fingers. thus is the cruel fate of yet another online music community, but thankfully, just like viruses, musicians seem to just continue to mutate and flourish elsewhere, and here are a few more places where you can try making us rock stars:

MP3.Com has become virtually useless unless you pay them lots of money, but it's high profile nonetheless. it's all ultimately quite silly but at least there's the chance that someone will happen upon us and be interested in hearing more. who knows?

we went to see Amelie last night, and it truly was a lovely, magical movie. my favorite thing about it is the way ordinary objects are treated with such love and animation, which is exactly how i view my world. the paintings on my wall surely discuss my faults when i'm sleeping as well, and garden gnomes go on great adventures around the world while i'm vaccuming my tool box.


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