yesterday was little Julia's third birthday, and i hear tell that my niece Isabella gave her a purple feather boa. they are so cute, i can hardly stand it. i hear that Julia simply can't wait to start going to school and has been asking her mom (my cousin Christina) when she will get to go. it is staggering how quickly a life moves along. including my own.

still feeling like a blank page, open and ready to recieve a new chapter in my life story. i feel that Change is coming, but it is sluggish in its travels and has stopped for many roadside attractions. my friend Shawn Jackson told me that he was recently visited by an overlooked sibling of The Endless, Discipline. Discipline was wondering why Shawn hadn't acknowledged him before. i am wondering the same for myself. here and now, i ask Discipline to come into my life and show me how to lure Change my way. i see you there, and i know you require attention. show me what to do.


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