trying to shake off more nightmares about terrorism, bombs, and missing an entire semester of Algebra. a true classic.

once again i invoke and invite Discipline into my life. there are many ways in which i used to be a much more tuned and refined instrument, and i am trying to get some of that back. dug out my old voice tapes last night and am trying to get myself in shape vocally again. i'm forcing myself to go to work out again, and it is starting to feel good. i'm such a damn lazy butt. i used to have wings. i used to fly. where is that woman who dances in the sky?

watched Emma Thompson's gamazing performance in Wit last night. the woman is a flippin genius and a true inspiration. mostly though, it was hard to watch the illness, as i could see and feel Nanna in her final stages. the floodgates were opened, and now i'm hungover from crying so much. it's been two months since we buried her. it feels like ages, and it feels like it never happened. grief is such a strange companion. it does nothing i expect it to do.


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