thorougly exhausted and Feelin' Fine from last night's show. i have to say, something felt magical and right last night. it was the first time i performed with just David and it was really special. folks actually showed up. they smiled. they listened. i felt a Presence of some kind behind my back while i was singing. there as laughter afterwards and light. this is what it's all about. am feeling the afterglow that i haven't felt since acting. magic. i feel so humbled by the kindness people show to us by attending. it almost hurts, how good it is to see smiling faces. there is a deep act of charity in giving an artist your attention. i do feel like a beggar sometimes. but i never go hungry, that is certain. pics to be posted on various and sundry websites soon.

and now what? something is finally stirring inside. time to write new songs, tell new stories. time to grow and change. david and i made a pact that we wouldn't perform again until we had new songs to offer. so now to get to it, cause now i'm in the mood to perform.


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