oh WOW am i getting a big, old slap-in-the-face realization about being the lead singer of a band. not only does the lead singer get a lot of the limelight, she gets a lot of the FLACK, too! i have found a new torture device called garageband.com, where you submit your songs and then evil, evil other bands give reviews of the song in this never ending spiral of doom where everyone is trying to get the best points so that they get a "record deal," whatever that means.


i'm learning all SORTS of new things from this, the first being that i need much thicker skin if i'm to do this for a living. to quote two reviews that came in back to back:

Beautiful voice!
I really liked the sound of your voice, it was very pretty. The backround music sounded perfect, I mean it was at the perfect level, and it just sounded great. The kick drum comes in very nicely. Very impressive work. Keep it up!


What was this?
The music was nice; I liked the guitars. But when the singer came on, she stunk. It was awful. It sounded out of tune and lousy. Slow and nasty. I did not like this song.

errr. now, mind you, there are seven other reviews that are highly complimentary. but the negative one is the one that sticks. why is this? i think the fears of failure go so deep down that anyone who gets even close to those hot buttons MUST BE RIGHT, because they've FOUND ME OUT somehow.

complete piffle.


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