woke up in a dreadful mood after fighting mercilessly with David in my sleep for what felt like hours. before that i had dreamed that my father died all of a sudden, and in my dream i had to go through the whole process of mourning him. it was awful. so then i dream that David's sister died of an overdose in England and he had gotten a $2500 plane ticket there without telling me or asking me to come along, even though all of our friends had gotten tickets and were going. spent what felt like forever trying to get him to care, and practically screamed my head off at him.

i'm feeling wretched.

had a lovely weekend in the mountains at Lake Arrowhead. it turned out to be very cold and there wasn't a drop of snow on the ground, so there wasn't a whole lot to do but enjoy the jacuzzi in our room and watch Lord of the Rings get trampled at the Golden Globes. i don't know why i have hope that things will ever be any different at award shows. the rule is, if i like it, it will not win. flat out. anyway, it was good to get away and i'm not all that depressed to be back either, which i'm thankful for.

i still haven't a breath of a clue about writing the album, though. my brain since september just seems to be on Pause. oh PLEASE come back soon, sweet songs, wherever you are in the Universe. i need you.


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