FINALLY, coming to you LIVE from somewhere in the world, it's THA BLOG! everybody cheer. NOW. we have full linkage.

so, today is that special day that comes only once a year, January 26th. in Adriana legend, it is the most prosperous day when good things happen. you like good things, right? so do i! one good thing that has already happened is this blog. the second and even better thing is that it is my niece Isabella's THIRD BIRFDAY! i can't believe she's already three. something in me wants her to be 10 so we can start having some good conversations. but i can wait, really i can. and in the meantime i get phone calls from her saying, "i'm wearing your pajamas. they're nice and warm. i'm going to Disney World, but not until after my birthday. i'm going on a BIG BOAT! but it's not the Queen Mary, cause the Queen Mary is broken."

the girl's a dang genius.


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