it seems as if New York is bleeding from the inside. my favorite church in the city, St. John the Divine, had a great fire today and suffered much damage. i feel so very sad for this. that cathedral has hosted many beautiful memories for me: Halloweens watching The Phantom of the Opera as the demons were driven out of the church, and New Year's Eve darting behind the altar and kissing my love while a great chorus of voices welcomed the new year. it is an ever-evolving, unfinished work of art begun in 1892 that will one day be the largest cathedral in the world. so now, it will take just a little bit longer to complete that dream.

on a happier, more material note, Twin Peaks finally finally FINALLY came out on DVD today. well, at least the first season. i cannot begin to explain how good this is, considering i've only ever seen the show on some very crappy EP tapes. ohboyohboyohboy. consumerism marches on.

soon the new E.P. will be complete and i'll feel like i've actually accomplished something this year. fulfilling your dreams is a hell of a task.


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