Harry Potter is the little wizard that could. the office is in hysterics, and it was such a successful opening weekend that they are giving us Wednesday off to celebrate. so only two days of work this week, which is most excellent. plus my boss is out of town, which is double most excellent.

nana continues to hover on the edge. they are considering adding a plug to her stomach today, and concerned that she won't make it out of the anasthesia. if anyone can, it's nana. i have faith.

my rotting insides are coming out again. the darkness encrouches as i try to determine again what my truth is. what is the truth? and how can i deal with it? will anyone believe me if i am sure?

dreamed that i was playing with Prince Charles' baby, and everyone was telling me to be careful. what the boy needed was to stop being treated like a china doll, so we went off and had fun.


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