Space Hospital Season 3 Finale - More to Come!  
Hi, friends! I'm excited to share that the web series I help produce and direct, Space Hospital, has just released its Season 3 finale, wherein crazy things go down. Could this be the end for our space crew?

My band, The Endless, contributes a song as well, called "A Lullaby For Myself" from The Republic of Heaven .
Here's the link to the song, which can be downloaded for FREE:

I have also just finished filming a pilot that I'm excited to share with you soon!

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Sacred Fools, Space Hospital, and More  
It's been a busy month! I just finished a Serial Killers show at Sacred Fools called Chick Tract, in which I played a Satanic high priestess. It's not typecasting or anything. We also just wrapped another shoot of the ongoing saga that is Space Hospital. Here's the newest episode, with much more to follow in the coming months: 
I'm also in the midst of completing and releasing my band's (The Endless) annual Holiday EP. This year, we will be debuting 2 new songs from our upcoming album, In The Waves. This release will be Part Two, as we released 2 songs last year as well. If you'd like to hear the songs from last year, here you go: 

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New Space Hospital Episode: "Between The Better Half"  

Series 3 is finally here! Watch the exploits of this crazy hospital in space on Space Hospital's YouTube page! I play Nurse Ratknee, the salty, grumpy, and ever-pregnant nurse who is clawing her way back to power. Subscribe now and don't miss an episode!

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In The Middle Of A Re-Design  
Hi! My website makes no sense right now. Don't despair, it's not because I have no design sense. Nor am I colorblind. I'm just right in the middle of a reboot (on many levels) and things are dusty around here. Feel free to step around the bad html, and mind the fonts.

We are in the thick of shooting Season 3 of Space Hospital. We are so grateful to those of you who so faithfully have been supporting the show with your donations. I promise that some wonderful, kooky stuff is on its way soon. David and I are also finally working on our new album with our band, The Endless. The songs, they are a-flowin'! Please feel free to visit me on Twitter here and here for more up-to-date chatter.

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Space Hospital Series 3 Fundraiser  
The fundraiser for season 3 of Space Hospital is here! Won't you please consider supporting this proud venture? I will be donning the mantle of Nurse Ratknee once more, but not without your help. Contribute today!

Here's a little message from me and a robot:

Also! The creator of the series, Robert Poe, discusses his work on the project here:

I will also be producing and directing this season, so I'm very excited about what lies ahead. Please join us! Here's the link to the Indiegogo campaign. Even $10 goes a long way. We thank you!

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New Space Hospital Coming Soon!  
It's hard to believe it, but I just spent today shooting on yet another segment for Space Hospital! I've been working on this project for years and it is truly a labor of love from its creator, Robert Poe. We are going to be working on a brand new live-action season very soon! Look for an announcement here in the next few weeks on an Indie GoGo campaign and please consider funding this awesome project. Until then, I will leave you with the mind-bending season finale of our animated series (a segment which I suspect will follow me to my grave):

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New Reel!  

Here's the latest from me. Enjoy!

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